The level.

i’m very angry and very impressed

sunset on mars by the spirit rover 2005

what’s the password

oH my gOD

Those words cut real deep.

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When I already thought the answer was no, God meant yes to #ycon2014. 
Lola Tam is going to Portland to support these beautiful people. ✌He definitely used them to talk to me this weekend. 

(ps. frequent flying miles are great, especially when you forgot you had them. ✈)
Part 1/2 of Operation Braceface has been completed. 😁
"…despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loves us."
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Yo tam…….. Chilllllllllll.
Don’t get distracted.
That temptation that used to be a stranger is coming around again,
but this time you recognize it.
So do what you know you should do, and what you should not.


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Man, feeling so hopeless, frustrated, agitated.
So many mixed emotions and they’re pretty muchall negative.
Been missing out on so much, and talking to people again
makes me realize I’m just not myself.
I know what I have to do, and Who I have to go back to.
It will definitely get better, I know it will.
Just a tough time right now mannnnnnnnn.

So humbling. Definitely on the verge of complete exhaustion.

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Yup, we were THAT mother/daughter duo that had matching dresses today. 
Love you mucho mucho much mom, I appreciate and respect you so much for who you are and everything you’ve done. Your actions have not gone unnoticed and I hope to keep showing you everyday how much I value you. Blessed to have this woman of God as my mother. ❤ #shelookslikemysister #wetookselfiesafter #causeshelovesthem